Rumors about Apple Developer Site Hack

Apple developer site was hacked and many people are concerned about this news. Now let’s sum up the newest rumors about this issue.


Apple took its developer portal offline on Thursday 18 July and on Sunday 21 July it emailed developers, declaring that the site had been hacked. It also warned that some of their details might have been stolen.

Although Apple has not given any more details about how the hack was carried out, it is reported that someone has claimed he hacked into Apple’s Developer portal, which has been offline for more than a week.

The hacker is reported to be a UK-based Turkish researcher. Ibrahim Balic, who described himself as a security consultant, claimed on Sunday that he had discovered a number of weaknesses in the site at, which allowed him to grab email addresses of registered developers. He also said he had been able to grab the details of 100,000 people registered on the site.

Balic provided proof of his hack by sharing some details of the file with the Guardian and offered the emails for 19 people.

Graham Cluley, an independent security consultant, said: “Many of the names and email addresses either don’t look like they would belong the Apple developers, or appear th have left no footprints anywhere else on the net… It’s almost as though these are long-discarded ghost email addresses from years ago or have been used by Balic in his video for reasons known to himself.”

Apple has refused to make any comment on the method which has been used to hack into its developer’s site. And it would not comment on whether it has called in law enforcement over the hack, or if it has identified any suspects. It is reported that Apple has still the target of a significant attack. Yet, the standard iTunes Store and App Store accounts belonging to non-developers have not been affected.

It is said that the delay of bringing its developer portal back online may also affect Apple’s preparation for the release of iOS 7.

Note: iOS 7 beta 1, beta 2, and beta 3 is released for Apple developers. If you want to install iOS 7 beta for your iPhone 5/4S/4, refer to the article How to Access iOS 7 Beta.

Till now, we don’t know how Apple developer site was hacked and if any of you feel interest into this issue, you can keep an eye on what is moving on.

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