7 Things You’ll Fall in Love with Apple’s iOS 8

Finally, Apple’s latest operating system iOS 8 was unveiled earlier. Undoubtedly, iUsers would update their OS to the latest iOS 8 later this year to experience the new joys that iOS 8 brings.

Tips: iOS 8 will be available on iPhones dating back to the 4S and iPads from the second generation onwards. And if you unfortunately lost all text messages after iOS 8 update, you can take advantage of 3 Ways to Recover iPhone Text Messages to fix it.

The following are the cherry-picked features of Apple’s iOS 8 which brings you unprecedented new joys.

★  QuickType

iOS 8’s new texting feature will have a bar above the keyboard showing you words that you’re likely to type. Moreover, iOS 8 supports third-party keyboard installation. Namely, you can use apps like Swype (swipe finger to type without lifting across letters) to chat with others even faster.


★  HealthKit

It’s a hub to gather and collect your personal info and data on fitness, diet, sleep, medication and more. But the most useful point lies in its ability to give paramedics or helpful strangers access to crucial info in case of an emergency by putting your medical ID on your lockscreen. And you’ll also be able to connect it to wearable technology like Apple Watch.


★  Wi-Fi calling

Just as iMessage allow you to send text messages over Wi-Fi, you can place calls over Wi-Fi, in a Skype-like feature. But till now, it’s only available for T-Mobile customers in the U.S. However, it’s reported that Vodafone has plans to enable Wi-Fi calling in Australia and more carriers will follow in their footsteps as well.

★  Spotlight Search

iOS 8 makes Spotlight expand its capabilities beyond what’s simply in iPhone including news, the App Store and the wider web. For example, you can use Spotlight to search for the nearby theaters, showtimes and even ratings if you just want to see an action movie.

spotlight search

★  Revamped Notification Center

In iOS 8, you can simply swipe down on the banner to reply to text messages in writing or by voice note without opening the Messages app. And this new reply feature will be available for third-party apps like Twitter and Facebook, so you can quickly and easily retweet, favorite or like a post without having to open up the apps.

★  Powerful Camera App

Apple’s upgraded Camera app allows you to change the light and the color of image, especially when you’re in a very bright or very dark area. You can also tweak your snaps quickly and adjust the rotation of the picture. Besides, there’s a new option to “like” your photos that’ll make the photo appear on all your Apple devices.

powerful camera app

★  Family Sharing

iOS 8 also makes iPhone more family friendly—iOS 8 users can share purchased apps, music, books, photo album, etc. with up to six family numbers. There’s also a location-sharing option for better communication among the family.

family sharing

What are you waiting for? Come and experience the joy that iOS 8 brings to you.

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