All iOS 8 Features: Top 16 Features of the New Update

Apple has given us a lot to digest at WWDC event 2014, such as the new iOS 8 update, Mac OS X Yosemite and a new programming language called Swift. The iOS 8 has attracted much attention. Here in this post, you will find all the great features of iOS 8 update.

Note: Updating to iOS 8 could erase your iPhone contents. You’d better backup your iPhone before iOS 8 upgrade. If you forget to backup and lose data, try to recover lost files from iPhone after iOS 8 update.

1.       Devices Compatible with iOS 8

iOS 8 beta is now available to developers, but the final version to the public will come until this fall. Not all existing iOS devices will be able to run this new version. The list of iOS devices that support iOS 8 includes iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display (iPad mini 2), iPad mini, iPad with Retina display (iPad 4), and iPad 2.

Of course, Apple’s unannounced 2014 iOS devices will also run iOS 8 when they come this fall.


2.       Healthkit

Apple has created a new API called Healthkit, which allows you to link applications to a central database of your personal health data. Thus you can pay close attention to your health and take actions, such as go to a doctor and share the information with the doctor or the hospital. This is available for apps from the app store and for professional medical applications and platforms.


3.       Spotlight

Spotlight now can offers you suggestions of things that are not stored in your device. The suggestions can be on news, Wikipedia, Nearby places, iTunes store music, podcasts, movies, iBooks store, websites and movie showtimes.


4.       Improved Camera Functions

iOS 8 will add Time Lapse photography, and a new camera application programming kit that allows third-party apps to access the camera hardware in depth with controls.

5.       Photos Can Be Edited

There is a new Photo app that includes new editing capabilities that can be used with a simple thumb gesture. The Highlights uses smart image analysis to get pretty great results. Apple is also building an OS X Yosemite version of Photos. This may indicate that they are going to phase out iPhoto.

6.       Smooth Continuity

Continuity is a group of technologies that seamlessly integrates both Macs and iOS devices, and it includes Airdrop, Handoff, text message integration and call integration.

7.       New Notifications

iOS 8 provides a way to answer notifications without having to leave your app. You can also answer the notifications from the lock screen without unlocking your device.

8.       Much Convenient to Access People

Double tap on the home button of your iOS 8 device and you can get access the people you want. The most contacted people will pop up and you can communicate with them with calls, chat, FaceTime, or FaceTime Voice.

9.       Keyboard Enhancements

One of the most things that beyond expectations is that the new iOS finally supports context-sensitive predictive typing, thus making your text entry much faster.

10.   Improvements in iMessages

iOS 8 improve the iMessages a lot, including sharing location on conversations, sending audio and video messages, and listening to audio messages via iMessage from the home screen.

11.   Work for Companies and Corporations

The iOS 8 supports new tools fof device management by IT departments. It is easy to share documents through central company clouds and shows calendar availability when making appointments.


12.   Family Sharing

iOS 8 enables you to share all the books, music, movies, family calendar, photos, locations and more between all family members, up to six.

13.   Improvements in Siri

You now can activate the Siri by calling “Hey Siri”. And it can recognize songs on the spot without opening that horrible app.

14.   Extensions for iOS

Now app developers can provide extensions for iOS. They can add services that other applications can use. This is a win-win result for users, app developers and Apple.

15.   Touch ID for All Apps

Now all apps will be able to use Touch ID for authorization. You can access your account in a quick and safe way.

16.   Improved 3D

The new Metal graphics engine offers ten times the performance of their previous 3D rendering engine.

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