Apple Is Testing Larger Screens for iPhone and iPad

 It is reported that Apple is testing larger screens for iPhone and iPad because Apple wants to find out the answers for the increasing concerns about its product lineup and competition from Samsung.

It is said that larger screens than the current iPhone and iPad is demanded by many people, especially by the suppliers of Apple. They are not sure whether the designs will expand the market, but they could lead to Apple phones and tablets that are larger than the cuttent 4-inch iPhone 5 and 9.7-inch iPad.

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Apple is set to public third fiscal-quarter earnings and to provide insight into the way on the company’s existing lineup selling. The big challenge Apple now is facing is that it have to find out solutions to continue expanding its customer base with innovative new products and refinements of current ones.

However, Apple also faces the fact that it hasn’t launched a new product line since the original iPoad in the year of 2010.

Apple routinely tests different designs for its products as it advance them during development. Apple also changed it iPhone and iPod offerings last year to include larger screens. From the texts with suppliers, it can be concluded that Apple is exploring ways to capture customer interest in smartphones and tablets from competitors.

The biggest competitor comes to Samsung, who has supplied products with different features and sizes in an effort to appeal to as many customers as possible. The Samsaung Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets has become stronger and stronger with 33.1% of the market in the first quarter (while Apple is only 17.9%). Samsung also uses Google’s Android operating system, grabed 17.9% of the tablet market, up from 11.3 % a year earlier.

BGC Financial’s Colin Gillis said in an investor note: “Apple has been slow to react to consumer desire for larger smartphone screens, entry level price points on new phones… Waiting and waiting, for the new products to launch, has become painful.”

According to the news from people at component suppliers, Apple and its suppliers are preparing to ramp production of a new iPad in the coming weeks. This new version is said to be the same size and have the same resolution as the previous models.

Fans of iPhone and iPad can keep an eye on Apple’s action to the products.

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