Apple Watch: Everything You Need to Know

Apple finally revealed the long-anticipated Apple watch, the company’s first smartwatch, on its spring product event. Are you going to pre-order or line up for an Apple Watch? Before you make your decide, let’s see some specs, apps, features, and everything you need to know about Apple watch first.

Part 1: SPECS of Apple Watch

Below are the basic specs of Apple watch.

  • Two sizes: 38mm and 42mm
  • Options: Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminum, 18-Karat Yellow Gold, Space Black Stainless Steel, Space Gray Aluminum, and 18-Karat Rose Gold
  • S1 processor
  • Starting at $349 for Watch Sport, $549 for Watch, and $10,000 for Watch Edition
  • April 24 Launch

Part 2: Apple Watch Apps

Unlike on Android Wear devices or some other smartwatch platforms, the Apple Watch will support full-fledged apps. Apple has said that developers will be able to create fully native apps for the timepiece, thus you might not need to be tied to an iPhone to use those programs. In the meantime, Apple Watch apps are alsovextensions of iPhone apps.

In addition to Apple’s own Activity, you’ll also be able to download plenty of third-party apps to your Apple Watch. These include Instagram, Uber, At Bat, Nike+ Running, OpenTable, Shazam, Twitter and WeChat.

Part 3: Top 6 Features of Apple Watch

Top1: Fitness and Health Tracking

Apple Watch is a total fitness tool. The numerous features will connect with Apple’s Health app, making it the hub of all your personal body information.

Heart Rate: Using a custom heart rate sensor located on the back of the watch, you can measure your heart rate at any time. Using the Watch’s Taptic Engine, you can also send a friend your heartbeat.

Accelerometer: The Watch counts your steps, calculates the calories you’ve burned and generally measures total body activity.

Set workout goals: Already nestled in the gadget is an app called Workout. You can set goals and the app shows your progress on rings that fill up as you approach your targets.


Top 2: Apple Pay with Apple Watch

Apple Pay is an NFC contactless payment system introduced with the iPhone 6. Apple Pay is set to work just the same with Apple Watch. You’ll need to double click the button on the side, wave your wrist and then you get a buzz to confirm that it’s all gone through.


Top 3: Digital Touch Communication

One of the most novel features of Watch is the Digital Touch idea. It’s a person to person way of communicating to other Apple wearable wearers. You can sketch images, use it like a voice walkie-talkie, send a simple tap to let people know you’re thinking of them or even make them feel your actual heartbeat vibrating on their wrist.

You can also use Digital Touch to make watch-to-watch calls to friends that have the wearable.


Top 4: Novel Digital Crown

Apple Watch includes a “Digital Crown” located on the right side of the body, which lets users zoom, scroll, and select elements on the Watch without covering the screen. The Digital Crown also serves as a home button.


Top 5: Actionable Notifications and Glances

Glances refer to simple, read-only notifications that don’t need any other action. Use your finger to swipe up from the bottom of the watch face and you can check the weather, look at your calendar, control your music or check your heart rate. Taping a glance will launch the app for more functions.

Actionable Notifications let you react to your alerts with predefined functions set by the app.

Top 6: Communication

With Apple watch, you can easily communicate with others like making phone calls.

Receive calls and texts: The Watch is compatible with the iPhone 5 and beyond (bad news for folks still on model 4). It can accept texts and calls.

Analyzes texts: The Watch will look at your incoming texts and analyze the content. Based on that, it can suggest quick replies that you can send straight from your wrist.

Walkie talkie: Using the watch’s mic, you can send quick voice messages to other users.

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