How to Fix SD Card Error and Recover SD Card Data?

Nowadays, SanDisk flash memory card (SD) is taken usage by people by different reasons. You can see that SD card has occupied the market of digital media storage devices. Not only photographers but also mobile phone users widely use SD card to store their data. In spite of its popularity, there is little doubt that most of us have experienced this kind of a problem: SD Card Error.

There are typical memory card errors:
1.Card Not Initialized
2.Card cannot be Read
3.Memory Reference Error
4.Memory Card Cannot be written
5. “access denied”, when SD card is corrupted
6.Memory card is locked, you can access it or open it
7. “Media is not formatted would you like to format now?” error
8.”SD/TF card error” on your game consoles like Sony PlayStation
9.”no SD card inserted” message appears while using the camera
10. “memory card error” message occurs on screen of your camera
11. “media card error”: A Media Card has been insterted that contains errors. To correct the errors please use a disk error-checking utility on a computer.

Why such memory card error happens?
There are lots of probable causes are lead to those SD Card Errors.
1. Removing the SD Card while it’s still on digital products like camera, mobile phone, game console, etc.
2. Turn off media device while transferring data with computer.
3. Memory card is not formatted appropriately.
4. Power off digital device during a write process of your SD card.
5. Forget to format the SD card before you use it.
6. The structure of SD card is corrupted.

Serious consequences of media card error
You must be worrying about losing all data on the SD card when you encounter such error problems. But before you press the red button, you should know that you are not doing to lose your pictures, videos and music files and you can get them back from the SD card to your PC via using SD card recovery software.

How to recover SD card data when SD card error shows up?
Method1: Unlock your media card on the digital device.
Check out whether you have locked the media card by mistake. A Lock switch is on the left side of the SD card. Slid up the Lock switch to unlock it.

Method 2: Finger out whether your SD Card data is accessible.
Connect your digital products like camera, mobile phone or MP4 player with your computer and then access your photos, videos and other files. If it fails, you have to get a card reader to coneect your SD card with computer and try again. Still no luck? Go to see your last shot below.

Method 3: Recover SD card data with SD card recovery software
Tenorshare Photo Recovery is a professional SanDisk Recovery software to recover lost, deleted, unaccessible, corrupted and formatted data after deeply scanning your SD card. See this step by step guide to recover SD card data you lost.
Step1: Get a SD card recovery tool like Tenorshare Photo Recovery and then launch it on your computer.
Step2: Connect your SD card with computer. It doesn’t matter how you connect them. Via a card reader or connect from your digital media device directly.
Step3: When you open this program, there are 4 recovery modes for your choice. “Deleted Recovery” is available for deleted file recovery. “Format Recovery” works for formatted SD card data recovery. If both of them can’t help, “Raw Recovery” is available.
Step4: Scan your SD card and continue three quick clicks to complete data recovery.

Do the SD card recovery methods above work for your situation? I believe that you are not bothered by SD card error any more.


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