How to Free Extract iPhone Backup File on Mac without iTunes

Although you have connected your iPhone to Mac and synced the data to iTunes, it doesn’t mean you can restore iPhone data from iTunes backup in any case. iTunes backup file saved on Mac as a sqlitedb file that you can’t access it or view the detailed info.

According to Apple, restoring iPhone backup you need just 3 steps: to connect iPhone to Mac-> open iTunes and choose device -> then click “Restore from Backup”. But you have to know that, all the data on iPhone will be replaced by the data in iTunes backup if you follow this way. In other word, indeed you recover data from backup, yet, at the same time, you would lose some other data.  What’s worse? What if you don’t have iPhone in hand or iTunes can’t recognize your device? It’s common iPhone gets lost, stolen, was water damaged, broken, etc.

Then is there any better way to restore iTunes backup? Sure! iPhone Backup Extractor for Mac is free to use. The tool can easily to extract up to 16 files of types from iPhone backup including text messages, contacts, photos, notes without iPhone, and even without iTunes. This excellent free iPhone 5s backup extractor Mac, also works as a great free iPhone 5 backup extractor mac, free iPhone 4S backup extractor mac, has a great ★★★★★ rating on CNET website.

To extract iPhone backup data to Mac, follow these steps:
1. Download, install and run Mac free iPhone backup extractor. The Windows version can be downloaded here.
2. Launch the iPhone backup extractor, you’ll see all the iTunes backup file made in this Mac will be scan and listed. If you can’t find the backup you want, click Import Backup File>> to find it manually.
Pitch on the name of backup, click “Start Scan”.

free extract iPhone backup on Mac

3. All the data in backup file will be scan within seconds. You’re allowed to preview found data before recovery.
4. Mark those items you need, click “Recover” button and choose the path to save the lost data on Mac as readable and writeable data.
NOTE: the trail version allows you to recover the first 3 items free, to get more, please upgrade it to the full version.

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