How to Fix iPhone Front Camera not Working

“My iPhone 6’s front camera is not working. What I see is a black screen and I cannot take a picture. Does anyone know how to fix it?”

There are some users complained that the front camera on their iPhone is not working, the camera App suddenly freezes and what they can see is black screen.


The specific problem you may meet when use iPhone front camera:

  • the camera APP is frozen
  • the front camera shows nothing but black screen
  • some camera options are missing

The sudden freezing of Camera app could be due to more than one reason such as, technical glitches, ill-conceived update.

Whatever could be the reason, below is the method to fix iPhone front camera not working.

1. Shut down background apps you are not using

If you are opening multiple software on the background, you need to close out all of the software except camera App. If it doesn’t work, try to shut down the camera App and restart it.

2. Restart your iPhone

If the front camera still not working after the process of method 1, the most common and easiest way to fix any iPhone problems is to restart your iPhone, so you need to try it on your iPhone and see what will happen. In this method, you can also try a free iPhone reboot tool named Tenorshare Reiboot to reboot your iPhone.

3. Reset iPhone back to the factory default settings

Here is another method to try in case none of the previous ones can fix iPhone front camera not working. Try to reset your iPhone to factory setting and it will erase all the wrong setting including camera App not working. If you afraid of losing data on your iPhone, you can transfer all your iPhone data to PC without any settings by the use of iPhone Care Pro. So that you can fix the iPhone font camera problem without any data lose.

We hope this three methods can help you solve your iPhone front camera issues.

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