How to Get Back Deleted Text Messages, Photos & Videos on Android

Not surprisingly, accidentally tap “Deleted” button and lost the important files on your Android phone or tablet. On a computer, the deleted files will be stored in the recycle bin where you can restore data before empty it. And on an iPhone running on iOS 8 system, the deleted photos can be undeleted from the “Recently Deleted” folder within 30 days. Unfortunately, there’s no option on Android phone. Now what? Fear not, there’s still a chance we can get back deleted photos, text messages and videos from Android.

get back photos text messages contact video on Android phone

First of all, let’s explain why deleted Android file recovery is possible.

When you press the delete button, files are not deleted from your Android, what has been changed is the storage space of the deleted data will be marked as empty for the new data. The deleted data are still recoverable unless their storage space are replaced by the new data.

Any Android Data Recovery is the ideal choice to recover Android data, it has been recommended many times from Android forum posts. This program will assist you effectively to recover contacts, photos, text messages, videos, call history, audio, WhatsApp from all the Android phones and tablets including Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola and XiaoMi.

Here is the process of recovering get back deleted data on Android using Android Data Recovery.

1. Download and install Android Data Recovery for Windows or Mac OS.
2. Connect the Android device to the computer use data cable. If without a data cable, or the Android device cannot connect to the computer, choose connect Android device via Wi-Fi.
3. Enable USB debugging based on the Android version. Detailed instructions are given on the program in this step. (See picture below)

enable usb debugging

4. The program will detect the device after enabling USB debugging, and then the “Allow” icon will appear on the device, just confirm it.
5. Click on “Start” button to scan device.
6. When the scan is over, check photos, contacts, text messages, videos (Everything you want), and click “Recover” button to save them on PC.

Extra tips to increase the chances of recovering deleted files on Android phone.

Tip 1: Any new data is possible to overwrite the deleted data, so make sure that don’t do anything on Android phone which would make data recovery failing once a file is deleted by mistake.

Tip 2: Back up Android phone frequently. You must note that Android Data Recovery software also is the Android data backup tool.

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