How to Restart iPhone 6 When Frozen

“My iPhone 6 is frozen, that’s so worse, who can help me to fix the issue?”
Don’t worry, in this article, you will know 3 good ways to restart iPhone 6 when frozen. You can also use these ways to fix iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode.

Way 1 Restart your iPhone 6

Restarting iPhone is the most commonly used method to solve most minor problems on the first try. It also applies to the situation here.

Way 2 Use Reiboot

Try to use Reiboot to reboot your iPhone 6 especially when your iPhone Home or Power button is broken. It is totally free without data loss. The method of use as follows:
1. Download Reiboot to computer.
2. Connect your iPhone 6 to PC and launch Reiboot.
3. After ReiBoot automatically detect the condition of your iPhone. You can either click “Enter Recovery Mode”, “Exit Recovery Mode” or use both according to the detecting result to reboot your iPhone.


Way 3 Use Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

If the methods above can’t help you fix iPhone 6 freeze, I’m afraid you have to get your frozen iPhone back to normal with Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro .
Tips: With this way to repair, your iPhone 6 will be updated to the latest iOS version and all data will loss. So make sure you’ve backed your iPhone 6 up before the repair.

iphone 6 is frozen

Hope the three ways above can help you fix the frozen iPhone 6, if you want to know more ways to reboot a frozen or hung iPhone, click here!

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