iOS 7.1 Is Released to Developers

It has been a long period since Apple releases iOS 7. Although this new operating system of mobile phone has given us new and fresh experience, there are some bugs that may bring headache to you. See the top 14 iOS 7 problems we have fixed. Now Apple has been trying to update this iOS 7 to fix bugs and help iOS users better enjoy their iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Apple released the iOS 7.1 beta to its developers on November 19, 2013, so that developers can text it out with their apps before a final release.

In the release note, Apple said, “This version of iOS is intended for installation on devices registered with the Apple Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.”

There are several tweaks that may arouse your interest. The biggest UI change goes to the addition of the “dark keyboard” in the accessibility settings (Settings > General > Accessibility). User can enjoy a higher contrast version of Apple’s digital keyboard.

The notice of “No Missed Notifications” and “No Notifications” at the bottom of the screen that informs you information coming from Yahoo is another useful update. And this has also been updated with the new Yahoo logo.

Another change is a new high dynamic range Auto mode. this is a new feature that automatically select the best photo from your HDR image. You can also save Burst Mode image to Photo Stream.

The final release date of this iOS 7.1 hasn’t yet been confirmed. Many people believe that it will be released to the public in time for Christmas.

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