iOS 9 Cannot Backup iPhone? Try to Backup Data Without iTunes

“I’ve never had an issue with backing up my iPhone to iTunes, but I cannot sync my iPhone to iTunes after iOS 9 upgrade yesterday, it said that I’m out of storage space. Any solution?”

After iOS 9 is available to upgrade, some iPhone users found that they can’t backup their iPhone to iTunes, one of the reasons is that there is not enough space, just like the situation above, but the backup error occurred, backup files could not be saved on computer, iPhone refused the backup request and other more reason can also result in you cannot backup your iPhone to iTunes.

If the iTunes remind you that you are out of storage space, very easy, you only need to offer enough space before you backup your iPhone to iTunes, but what if it says that an error has occurred such as “iTunes could not back up the iPhone because it has not been set up yet”, how to backup iPhone to iTunes?

I found that there are many users asked for help at Apple support, and the answers are basically told you to downgrade iOS 9 to the lower version or upgrade to the newest version. It is very trouble and you may lose data from your iPhone. So, is there a better way to backup iPhone to iTunes after iOS 9 update?

The answer is yes, the issue that iOS 9 cannot backup iPhone to iTunes can be fixed easily with an iPhone data transfer software, the software can backup apps, contacts, photos, messages, videos and more data from your iOS 9 devices to iTunes, computer or external hard drive(can be chosen).

The most important feature of this iAny Transfer is it can backup your iPhone without iTunes, and these data can also be imported into iTunes, you can think of it as an enhanced version of iTunes.

If you have installed iAny Transfer on your computer, you can backup your data from iOS 9 with the software’s interface below, select the data you want to backup and click on the “iTunes” or “computer” button. Then the data will be backed up into your iTunes, computer or external hard driver.

Backup iPhone data withou iTunes

Tips: If you want to backup iOS 9 data to an external hard driver, also click on “computer” button and choose the hard drive you want to storage your data.

If iOS 9 can’t backup iPhone, the methods above really can help you, not only make the process easier, but also do not lose your data.

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