Rumor says the iPad 5 Is Going to Be Released

Tablet shoppers have looked forward to picking up the iPad 5, the latest Apple product. Even though Apple switched to the iPad with Retina Display naming convention in October of 2012 when the company announced the present iPad, many people are using the name, the iPad 5, to describe the next iPad.

It is rumored that the iPad 5 release would coincide with an iPad mini 2 release. Many users think that iPad 4 is similar to an iPhone 5S style update, but a good number of Gotta Be Moble staff, and regular users, do not upgrade to the iPad 4 and they are waiting for iPad 5 to come out.


Speculations are that Apple might be looking for an early 2013 release given the scene in the tablet market. Microsoft released Surface and Google came up with the Nexus 10 which infused new competition to iPad market. Therefore, some experts are of the opinion that Apple needs to bring something new and fight the competition off. And it is needless to say that the next iPad needs to score an A+ in all dimensions of looks, design and specifications.

Over the last few months the rumors about the iPad 5th generation have picked up pace which normally suggests a release is imminent.

The first rumor about iPad 5 appeared on January. Though there is more and more competition in the tablet space, the iPad 5 is likely to enter a market without a Galaxy S4-style competitor giving chase. And the earlist iPad 5 release rumor sad the release date is on April.

Many users have longed for knowing the features of the coming iPad 5 and they are as following:

Display: The iPad 5 might come with better display capabilities including better readability, brightness and power efficiency.

Camera: iPad 5 might bring a better front facing camera that has a higher resolution.

A/V Output: The iPad 5 would have astereo speakers for a fabulous A/V experience.

Networking:  the iPad 5 would give users better power efficiency while being connected to WiFi or 3G networks through its next generation chipset.

Many users believe that the iPad 5 is worth to be waited and expected. Let’s just wait to see whether it is our style or not. And if you need to recover deleted or lost data from iPad 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 2 and any other iOS devises, you can try iPad Data Recovery (in Windows) or iPad Data Recovery for Mac to help you.

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