iPad, iPad mini Are at a Reduced Price

Now it is a good time for users to purchase an iPad, or an iPad mini. Many retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy have cut down the price on the iPad and iPad mini.


Walmart has begun offering a modest discount on iPad mini. Normally selling it for $329, now the price turns to $299. Sarah Spencer, a spokeswoman for WalMart, said the retailer did not lower the price of the iPad mini in anticipation of a new model from Apple, but rather to sell even more of the product during periods of gift-giving like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation season. Ms. Spencer said the iPad mini is one of the best-selling electronics products at Wal-Mart.

Best Buy on Wednesday took its best guess that the latest iPads are coming soon from Apple by slashing prices on one line of the Apple tablets by 30 percent. The $449 16GB tablet is now $314 and the 64GB version is $454. The price cut applies only to third-generation versions of the devices, not the latest vintage, otherwise known as fourth generation iPads. Best Buy is now selling the least expensive third-generation iPad, with 16 gigabytes of storage, for $314.99, down from its previous price of $449.99. A third-generation iPad with 64 gigabytes of storage and support for LTE cellular networks now sells for $545.99, down from $779.99.

Jonathan Sandler, a Best Buy spokesman, said the steep price cuts are not unusual, “especially when looking ahead to potential new product launches by our vendors.” Mr. Sandler stressed that Best Buy has no privileged insight into when Apple might introduce new iPads, beyond the seasonal product introductions most people expect from the company.

Not only the retailers but also many users guess that the cutting down price of iPad, iPad mini is a pretty good sign that Apple is about to replace the old models with new ones.

If you are not holding out for the next version of Apple’s tablet, you can enjoy the cutting down price of iPad and iPad mini. Go for a model which has stayed in your mind. No matter what models you have in hand, you can try iPad Data Recovery (For Windows) or iPad Data Recovery for Mac to help you recover any type of data from your iPad, iPad mini, iPad 4, the new iPad, or iPad 2 when you lose files.

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