iPod Recovery-How to Recover Music Files from iPod with Ease

Whenever you are in the bus or on the subway, taking a look around the people, you will find most people are listening to mp3 or watching videos with headsets from an iPod. With constant update, the development of iPod does not only symbolize an advanced technology, but also represent a fashion trend which leads people to a higher-quality life.

It is a fact that so many people are captivated by iPod and can’t live without iPod. However, one day, you suddenly find all of your favorite songs and videos in your iPod are lost! I bet it is the worst thing you’ve ever met. We all know it’s not easy to transfer files to iPod and all of the stored files in your iPod, some of them are very important for you and you don’t want to download your collectted songs again, but they are gone now. While, fortunately, you will never worry about it anymore. Believe it or not, third party iPod recovery software like Tenorshare iPod Recovery can help you recover iPod music, videos, photos and some other files.

With this iPod Recovery software, you can only make a few steps to restore all the files you want to get back. In the following I am ready to show the step-by-step guidelines to you.

Reset your iPod to factory settings, meaning that all the data on it is erased.
Files are deleted by mistake while using iTunes.
The hard disk in your iPod crashes and its files becomes corruptted or removal of battery results in lost contents.
iPod Volume Format turns ‘Unknown’ when connecting PC or it reports an error then frozen.

These are common cases when you find the files in your iPod missing. Now, please don’t hesitate to follow the below steps to recover music from iPod.

Step1: Download the latest version of Tenorshare iPod Recovery software, then install and launch it in Windows machine correctly.
Step2: Sync your iPod with computer.Then you should see it shows as a drive letter in ‘My Computer’ like H:/.
Step3: Select “Deleted Recovery” or “Formatt Recovery”(Data loss caused by: restored your iPod to factory setting by accident.) and then click “Scan”, you will find all your lost files in the lists. At the same time, you can choose any file which are not damaged in the list to have a preview.
Step4: After the automatic scanning, it’s time to finish all the steps by clicking “Recover” easily to Recover iPod!

Note: If your iPod does not appear as a drive letter on your PC, please follow these instructions: In iTunes, right click on your iPod and select “iPod Options”. Under the “iPod” tab, make a tick in “Enable Disk Use”. Click OK. Unplug your iPod, then replug. Check out whether it works.


  1. thanks dude, it worked awesome.

  2. I ended up purchasing this and it found everything except a few pictures but THANKYOU!!

  3. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Got my paid songs back!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Andrew J. Gephart

    You have some genuinely beneficial information composed here. Good job and keep posting good stuff.

  5. hi! need your help please,,,,
    i accidentally press the word “tranfer” on the itunes that delete all my apps downloaded in installous..can i still recover my files like in my journal apps or my diary apps? everything i wrote in it? and in my apps-documents to go, i have my inventory of all my store can i recover it through this sofware? please help!!!

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