Obama Is Not Allowed to Use iPhone


Can you imagine it or have you ever thought about this question? When lots of people are enjoying the world’s first smartphone, iPhone, Barack Obama, as the president of the United States, is not allowed to use it.

Then what the president is using? BlackBerry. For years he has clung to the original smartphone even as the rest of the world has moved on. In a speech to young folks about Obamacare at the White House yesterday, Obama said:

“Now, I am not allowed, for security reasons, to have an iPhone. I don’t know what your bills are.  I have noticed that Sasha and Malia seem to spend a lot of time on it.  (Laughter.)  My suspicion is that for a lot of you, between your cable bill, your phone bill, you’re spending more than 100 bucks a month. The idea that you wouldn’t want to make sure that you’ve got the health security and financial security that comes with health insurance for less than that price, you guys are smarter than that. And most young people are, as well.”

You may want to ask, what is exactly that makes the president’s BlackBerry more secure than an iPhone? A computer-security blogger explain that the president’s BlackBerry is apparently licked down in multiple ways, including a personal email address to which only 10 contacts have access, which is one of the concessions he had to make in order to be allowed to keep a smartphone at all when he took office.

It is said that the BlackBerry has long enjoyed a reputation for greater security in its devices than Apple or Android due to its strong encryption practices, which is one reason it remains popular with Washington officials even as the device loses market share to other smart phones including those manufactured by Apple.

Some analysts said that USA security officials know the big holes in Apple’s privacy and security features. For one thing, Apple was one of several major tech companies identified in leaked NSA documents. Apple has insisted that its users’ iMessages are secure, but hackers have questioned about it.

In short, we do not know whether the iPhone is absolutely secure, but it should not be affected by the president’s not being allowed to use Apple’s iPhone. You can also refer to the article top 10 iPhone security tips to learn how to make your own iPhone safer.

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