Online Backup Service Keep Your Data Safe

It’s no coincidence that World Backup Day is right before April Fools’ Day. The implication is clear: If you’re not backed up, there’s all the chance in the world that you could end up looking like a fool. All foolishness aside, the point of the faux holiday is an important one: We’re creating vast amounts of digital content—photos, videos, music, and documents—all of which is just a hard drive crash away from obliteration. Other data-ending events threaten, as well: You could be the victim of a fire or flood, or you may just delete data unintentionally.

It is therefore recommended that you switch to an online backup service – these are inexpensive and will automatically copy your computer’s data over the Internet to a more secure off-site location (aka the data center) in near real-time without your involvement.

If you only have a limited amount of data (< 2 GB) on your computer that you want to store in the cloud, any of the following backup services should solve your problem without you having to shell out a penny.

All the above online backup services (except for SkyDrive) work in a similar way – you download a small client to your desktop, mark the local folders that you want to backup online and the tool will automatically monitor and upload files from these folders to the cloud. Once your files are backed up, you can also access them online except in Mozy.

Equally frustrating is that many online storage services only back up your personal files — those you create — and not those that the system requires to boot up. To backup all your vital files, programs, and even Windows system, you can try Data Backup.

  1. Nice to have a free backup overview, if you do want the extra storage in Dropbox withouth paying you can refer friends and that way receive up to 18 GB of online storage 🙂 However, I don’t think dropbox actively makes a backup of your files, it is online space that can be used just like a local hard disk, very nice!

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