Solution to Recover Files Deleted Due to Virus Attack

“A few days ago a virus or something attacked my laptop and deleted my document files and media files including music and videos. The virus also has disabled the task manager, searching option in windows, and REGEDIT. The only solution I can think of is to format the whole hard drive. But the problem is that I’ve never backed up the data yet, so I cannot do a data recovery after formatting. These days, I have been in a conflict state: to format or not to format? I am wondering if it is possible for me to get files back. Please help! What can I do to get my deleted files back?” This was asked by Jashomar 2 weeks ago.

I guess you may not unfamiliar with what Jashomar has experienced, if you are a computer user. Indeed, we are suffering from computer virus attacks now and then. Sometimes we can use some anti-virus programs easily remove those nasty viruses without causing too much trouble for our operating system no matter Windows or Mac. While in most cases, those disgusting viruses can cause a lot of harms to computer, for example data loss on hard drive. Usually there are 3 common cases when our files are erased due to virus infection.

>> Files are deleted by viruses automatically.
>> You are warned to delete the infective files when using the anti-virus program.
>> After you successfully remove the viruses, still some of data which are very important for  system files in REGIDIT or plug-ins and some other applications are deleted by viruses, thus cause your system cannot operate properly.

Data Loss Due To Virus Attack

Will I lose all my data on computer if virus attack strikes

Once you encounter with any of the cases above, to recover deleted files due to virus attack seems so complicated if you don’t use any application. Here the good news is that there exists such a kind of powerful third party applications! Tenorshare Data Recovery is a professional deleted file recovery tool for you to recover deleted file due to virus infection. Therefore, from now on, no matter what you’ve lost due to virus attack, including windows system files, your favorite songs, videos, years of family photos and important documents for work etc. can all be recovered quickly and easily. Isn’t this an exciting thing? Furthermore, this read-only tool can be equally capable to restore files deleted by pressing “Shift + Delete” and data emptied from recycle bin. In addition, files lost from some digital media devices such as memory card on digital camera or mobile phones, MP3, MP4 music players like walkman etc. can all be retrieved by this deleted files recovery software too.

NOTE: It should be always noted that protecting the system is better than making an attempt to recover your lost data after emergency happens. Therefore, it would be very much wise that our computer is well equipped with a good anti-virus software application which would help prevent any kind of attack from any virus and as well be able to prevent data loss. Always update your anti-virus program, for you will always stay on a very safe computer state. Regular data backup is needed to avoid losing your data when virus infection strikes.

Back to Jashomar’s post, 2 days ago, I’ve received her message. She told me she had got rid of virus and succeeded in getting all the deleted files back. Congratulations to her! You may learn a lesson from this virus attack incident that deleted file recovery tool can helps you with file recovery and release your worries!

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