Things You Can Do to Recover Unsaved, Deleted or Corrupted Documents

Learning how to recover documents when they are unsaved, deleted or corrupted is just a very basic skill you will eventually have to obtain as long as you are using computer.


When something is deleted, unsaved or corrupted, it is not actually gone.

I’m sure you have been caught in situations where you accidently deleted a file that you really needed or while you were working on a public machine, the computer crashed or shut off, so that your documents were not saved in time. You may think your documents have been lost permanently. But how permanent is it, really? Thankfully, they are not actually gone for good before they are written over. Recover Documents You Deleted, Unsave and Lost

How to recover unsaved documents—When Office or computer crashed before saving

*  After closing the Office file unwillingly, you can open up a new MS Word or Excel document again and then look in C:/ for a plain text file called “Recovered.txt” or something similar. (Note: This method won’t work when you are working on a public machine.)

*  Office may detect that it crashed and that work was unsaved. On re-opening it will display a dialog asking if you want to recover the lost files.


How to recover deleted documents—Due to accidently deleting or virus attack

*  You could go to the Recycle Bin and recover documents when you deleted files with “Delete + Shift” key by mistake.

*  If sometimes you use the “Shift” key when you delete something or you delete a file from the Recycle Bin, your only solution is to use a credible third party application. In the following, I will discuss over it.


How to restore corrupted documents—Due to word or computer corrupted or malicious deleting by virus

* You can restore the text from a document when its format is corrupt. Take Word for instance, you just perform the following procedures to finish corrupted documents recovery: Word=>File=>Open=>Open and Repair.


Recover your documents with professional document recovery tool—When you cannot make it with above methods

As I have mentioned above, sometimes like when you delete something with Shift key, you then have to use a professional and credible documents recovery tool to retrieve all your lost files. In this article, I will introduce Tenorshare Data Recovery to you.


Here’s how document recovery tool works on file recovery:

Step1: Free download, install and run Tenorshare Data Recovery on your computer.

Step2: After running the software, in the left column of the interface, you have 4 options for documents recovery: “Deleted Recovery”; “Format Recovery”; “Partition Recovery”; “Raw Recovery”. Choose any one of them according to how you lost your documents.

Step3: Choose a partition or a removable disk, then click “Scan” to start finding the target files.

Step4: After scanning finishes, click “Recover” to begin lost document recovery.


Only very easy 4 steps can help you successfully recover those seemingly permanently lost documents within minutes. Performing a document recovery is so easy, why not give it a try?


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