How to Recover Excel Files from Microsoft Office?-Excel Recovery

Excel is one of the most important programs in Microsoft Office. It helps you organize your data such as financial information, monthly sales reports, or competitor’s analysis. It is much more complex to recover Excel than to recover photo or Word documents if you accidently deleted, or formatted them, because Excel files are sensitive to data gaps and lose information. Therefore, before you become a victim of losing Excel files, I share some experiences with you to avoid data loss.

Backup. Backup your important data by burning copies of your Excel files on a DVD/CD, saving them to other external hard drive/USB flash drive/memory card or store them with online storage program with the “Cloud” technology like send them into your Email. And keep update at least every three day or five if possible. In this way, you can recover Excel files with those copies at once even though you lost it.

AutoRecover. When you lost Excel files because you don’t save them on time when unexpected computer crash happens. It is extremely easy to retrieve Excel files with the built-in safety mechanisms in Excel program. Restart your computer and open your Excel file. Click “Microsoft”->”Excel Options”->”Save”. You will get the “AutoRecover file location” for your auto saved document. Open it, you can restore Excel to the last saved version (Most likely it is the last saved ten minutes before accident happens). Here I need to mind you that you had better set the automatic save every minute or two (Excel’s default setting is ten minutes), the short time you set, the more cells you can recover.

Excel Recovery. When you deleted your Excel files and emptied the “Recycle Bin” (These two actions can be replaced by directly pressing “Shift + Del”.), I’m afraid you can’t recover them with the methods above. A good-quality Excel Recovery Software may help you indeed. Tenorshare Data Recovery is such a kind of utility which can efficiently recover you lost, deleted or formatted Excel files from computer, external hard drive, usb flash drive, etc. With the outstanding recovery quality and speed, it exceeds other similar programs and sells to the users around the world.

Follow the steps below to see how easy it’s to recover lost Excel files:

First, run this program by either double clicking the shortcut on the desktop or opening it by going to “Start”->”All programs”. (Of course, before that you should have download it and install it in your PC properly.)

Second, (When you deleted Excels) choose “Deleted Recovery”, and select the drive where your deleted files are originally saved.

Third, click “Scan”, and the program will search all your deleted files which can be recovered.

Look through the list and specify your Excel files you need to recover by clicking the names of them.

Fourth, click “Recover” and select the location for your newly recovered files. You are suggested to choose the partition which is different from your deleted files located in before.

Fifth, click “OK” to finish Excel File Recovery.

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    i was facing the problem of excel sheet loss and this post give me best solution. can you give me a download link asap? Thx.

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