The Emerging HDD Data Recovery-Recover Formatted Hard Drive

When do you need to recover formatted hard drive data?

Before you format the hard drive of your PC or the hard drive crashes, you may know very little about hard drive and its importance. Indeed, we always take it for granted that hard drive is just a powerful massive storage tool. However, once those bad situations happen, you will finally come to realize how important the hard drive is, because numerous important data are stored there, once formatted without data backup, all they would be gone. Some people may back up those important data before they format the hard drive, and indeed they are lucky for they needn’t spend time or even money on getting the lost data back. However, to remember to prepare for backup is not easy for all computer users. Then, it is extremely important to perform data recovery after formatting your hard drive.

Now the good news for computer users is that hard drive data recovery tools have come out. Among them, I personally consider Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional is a good one, for I have used it for more than 2 months. (Note: HDD is short for hard disk drive.) Speaking of recovery software, I still remember 2 months ago, my computer got a very strong virus, and I was forced to format the hard drive. Being not very familiar with computer, I formatted the hard drive alone, otherwise I cannot boot up my PC. After formatting, I felt so regretful, because all my important data in the computer gone in a moment. With a blood mood, I then went to a forum, and shared my bad luck on there. I have to say how lucky I was then, because in several minutes I posted my experience of losing data on the forum, a very warm-hearted guy pointed out a solution for me. It was him who suggested me to try HDD Data Recovery. Well, what happened next? Hah, miracle did happen! I succeeded in getting all my lost data back!
Recover Hard Drive Data
To explain why this tool could recover formatted hard drive is not very complicated and to operate this recovery tool is not complex as well.

Professionally speaking, when you format the hard drive, it doesn’t mean you have lost all the data stored on it instantly. But they are just marked as “Delete” by system, and you cannot see them by your eyes. The key is that when you store data on your computer, actually they have been recorded in registry, so it makes a third application possible to restore the formatted data.

As for the operation of Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional, we describe the process as a “fool-type operation”, which is not that far-fetched. Believe or not, anyway, below are the simple steps.

Step1. Free download Tenorshare Data Recovery software (from and install it properly.
Step2. Select “Format Recovery” and choose a formatted disk or formatted disks to recover.
Step3. In the “Select File System” window, select file system of your partition. Then Click “OK” to start scanning.
Step4. Check the formatted files in taskbar, click “Recover” to start formatted data recovery.
Step5. Select a path for the recovered files, and click “OK” to complete recovery.

That is all about formatted hard drive data recovery. Therefore, never forget to regular backup your hard drive to avoid losing your important data!

  1. my hard drive crashed after removing a virus. how can i recover my data, i tried to slave the hard drive but it has local disk error, when i click to open a message “do you want to format it now?” appears. please, i really need to recover my data.

    • If it appears in “My Computer”, you can get this Tenorshare data recovery software to scan your hard drive and retrieve your data on it. Then do not forget to format it to get it normal.

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