How to Recover Memory Card Data When It Not Recognized by PC?

Recover Memory Card Data

Do you prefer to use memory cards in your digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, digital HD camcorders , PS3(PlayStation 3) to store your songs, videos, photos, or movies? You may think that memory cards are safer than hard disks or CDs. Of course that memory card is more powerful, yet the files on them can still be deleted or formatted (accidently or otherwise). The file system used on a memory card can also be corrupted. If you need to recover memory card, this memory card data recovery tutorial will show you how to restore auto that has vanished.

Warm notification: You can’t do any changes on your memory card such as taking photos/videos with your camera/camcorder. Otherwise, you lost files will be overwritten.

Step 1: To begin with, you need to download one program named Tenorshare Data Recovery which is the professional memory card data recovery software to recover data from hard drives, memory cards, and any other portable media. Follow the wizard to setup and install it.

Step 2: Connect your portable device (containing memory card) with your computer, or, plug into your card reader with memory card inserted.

Step 3: Choose “Deleted Recovery” or “Formatted Recovery” according to the reason you lost your files.

Step 4: The program will detect your card, and shows it on the partition list. Select your device, (For formatted file recovery, you need to choose the file system your card used before formatting), and then click “Scan”.

Step 5: The program will search all recoverable files on this card, and list them in a tree-like window.

Step6: Tick the files you desire to recover, and click “Recover”.

Step 7: Specify a path on your computer’s hard drive or separate media from this memory card. Likewise, you can’t save the recovered files on your memory card.

Memory card recovery is extremely easy by using this program. While the card is physically corrupted, you have to call a professional agency to repair it. If computer can’t read your memory card, please make sure whether you computer supports your memory card.


Fix SD or SDHC Card Not Recognized by Computer Problem

Computer can’t find / read your memory card? Most likely is a Micro SD card or SDHC card, especially for SDHC card. It won’t be recognized in some case. Here are some useful solutions to recover memory card.


Press “Start” >> Click “My Computer” >> Right click it, select “Manage”>> Press “Disk Management”

If your memory card shows up as a partition there… Format it to Fat16 or Fat32 (see if you can partition it that means that memory card was speaking a different language to your PC, common problem between Mac and Windows products)

If no partition appears and instead there is format. Perform a quick format to Fat 32 or 16 on it.

SD and SDHC compliance

If your laptop’s internal card reader works with 2GB (or lower) SD cards but fails to read a 4GB (or higher) SDHC card, then the laptop’s internal card reader is not SDHC compliant.

This same logic also applies to digital cameras, if the digital camera reads 2GB (or lower) SD cards but fails to read a 4GB (or higher) SDHC card, then the digital camera is not SDHC compliant.

SD and SDHC specifications

The initial SD card specification defined the interface for cards only up to 2GB capacity. The subsequent SDHC specification was developed to provide increased capacity of 4GB – 32GB cards. Computers and other products purchased before 2008 may not be SDHC compatible. Computers and other products purchased before 2007 are not SDHC compatible.

Verifying the card reader slot

If the card reader slot on your computer does not have the SDHC logo, it is most likely not SDHC compatible and will only read cards up to 2GB capacity.


Other options you can use to read files on your SDHC card :

If your computer’s card reader is not SDHC compatible, you have 3 options available:

1. You can connect your camera (or other device) that works with SDHC to your computer using a USB cable that came with the camera. You should be able to transfer files to the computer this way.

2. You can contact you computer manufacturer to see if they have a free firmware update for your model that will make it SDHC compatible

3. You can buy inexpensive SanDisk SDHC card readers that will connect to your computer’s USB port.”


Have you made your memory card recognized by your laptop? Do you successfully perform a memory card data recovery? If you have any question about this tutorial,  Don’t hesitate to let me know.

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