Rumor: Apple’s iPhone 6 with a Big Screen Will Come Next Summer


Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about its next iPhone, the iPhone 6, but rumors about it can always aroused huge interest among fans. Recently, there is a rumor saying that the iPhone 6 will come in next summer, sooner than expected. This to-be-come product will have a bigger screen and it’s going to be a “blockbuster”.

This rumor comes from the Apple analyst Gene Munster. He said enthusiasm about the iPhone 6 should more than offset any concern about 5S sales inevitably slowing. He also pointed out that Apple has a computerized wristwatch, named the “iWatch”, and television set in the works, and the gossip about those products should buoy the stock.

Apple released the iPhone 5S in September and people quickly began to speculate about the next iPhone 6. Usually where Apple products are concerned it is best to wait until the official announcement about the product is made by the company.

Rumors about the iPhone 6 also said that features of this model include a larger screen, possibly 5-inch, better battery life, updated camera, advanced gaze detection technology, etc.

While Munster is confident about the iPhone 6 being release next summer, other reports doubt about Apple’s ability to produce a larger iPhone any time before the fall of 2014. The reports even point out that the company has had a lot of success launching hardware in the September or October months.

Apple is reportedly working on iWatch, the wearable wrist device. The speculation about the iWatch has likely showed that Apple is going to delay the iPhone 6 and it wants to get the iWatch launched.

Other analysts said that Apple typically released its new models at the same price as the old ones and if that holds out, and assuming that the 16GB model is dropped, we’d expect the 32GB model to cost £529, the 64GB model £599 and the 128GB model £ 699.

Still, rumors are just rumors and some may make sense. Let’s wait and see what the iPhone 6 will look like.

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