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I need to recover deleted photos from SD card…
Yesterday I attended my sister’s wedding and took over 700 pictures. Today I put my SD card directly into my friends laptop and it erased every picture I had on the card. It might be someone that accidentally hited “Delete All” on the camera. I really need to get those photos back. Otherwise my sister will be killing me! Is there anything that can be done? Have anyone done such thing?How to Recover Deleted PhotosBest Answer by A Professional Photographer:
There are so-called SD card recovery software that can recover deleted, lost or corrupted pictures, videos and music, etc. from SD memory card. You need to download and install a SD card program to give a try. Almost of these recovery utilities provide you a demo or trial versio. So you had better take a free scan (or preview) of your SD card to look for those deleted photos. They can find your deleted photos but after that, you can not save them or use them for anything without buying the program. So, to save your recovered photos, you need to pay for a “real recovery”. For recovery software, there are several professional ones you may take a try. Since you didn’t mention what operation system your computer is running, I’ll recommend you a SD card data recovery program working well under both of Windows OS and Mac OS X.

Tenorshare Data Recovery (not free, but very powerful) is a SD card recovery program that will work with almost all Windows operating systems and the latest versions of Mac OSX and can handle both FAT and NTFS file systems. It can recover images from cards that have been formatted as well as getting back deleted files. 

For Windows (7/Vista/XP), you can take a try Tenorshare Data Recovery Enterprise (recover more than photos) to see if it will help. As its name suggests, this is a specialised tool for recovering files from memory cards. That doesn’t mean it’s complicated though, in fact, it’s really easy to use. Run the program and it will automatically detect any cards that are attached to the system. Tick “Deleted Recovery” and select the card and click Scan, the program will then take a few minutes to scan the SD card. When it’s completed scanning, it will show you a list of the photos available for recovery. What’s more, it ‘ll let you preview the photos before attempt to recover them. Select a location folder to save your recovered photos. See? It is done with photo recovery. So easy, right?

For Mac OS X users, please take a try of this one named Tenorshare Photo Recovery for Mac. It works just like the Windows version. But it is much more easy to use. It’s highlight kewfeature is, you can sort the files on the SD card into file types (Documents, Photos, Videos and Music) by selecting from the pane on the right side of the interface. Hope those recovery programs will help you out.SD Card RecoveryOne more tip:
You’d better stop using the SD card once you noticed your photos were deleted. Then perform photo recovery at once since photo recovery is not 100% guarented, the sooner you take action the better chances you can recover your pictures. And before photo recovery, do not attempt to take any new pictures in case your previous deleted ones are overwritten. Finally, in case data partially or fully overwritten, do not save the recovered photos or videos, music to the SD card that your pictures deleted from. Learn more useful tips, Q&As, please go to Memory Card Recovery Tips.  Best regards!

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  1. How to recover deleted photos from SD card of smartphone’s on Mac by using a powerful SD card data recovery tool – Card Data Recovery.

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