Easy Way to Recover Data from External Hard Drive Efficiently-Seagate File Recovery

Our entire lives are documented digitally—travel logs, scrapbooks and even entire filing cabinets are all going digital nowadays. That means you need to store boxes and boxes of information and media files in a digital storage. Seagate External hard drive is the very external solution with large capability, good quality. With the popularity of Seagate external hard disk drives, the issue of data loss is discussed by more and more people. You may lose Seagate external HDD data due to accidentally deletion, virus infection, corruption, wrong formatting, hard drive crash. In those cases, how to find a Seagate File Recovery to recover data from external hard drive?

If you have this question, you got the right place. In this Seagate data recovery tutorial, I will give you some tips on how to recover deleted or lost files from formatted, corrupted or damaged Seagate hard drive. Hope it will light you.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you an easy-to-use program which is named Tenorshare Data Recovery. It can efficiently recover files from external hard drive.

Below is the detailed guide on how to operate it:

Step 1: Download & install & Launch Tenorshare Data Recovery program (Get it from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/datarecoveryprofessional.htm), and plug your Seagate external hard drive into your computer.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate recovery mode based on the reason why you lost your data. Here we take “Deleted Recovery” for example. So select it.

Step 3: Highlight your hard drive, and click “Scan”.

Step 4: The recoverable files on your hard drive will be shown on a Window-Explorer-style interface. Unfold the folder and highlight it to preview the file information in the right-hand column.

Step 5: select the files you need to recover by ticking them. And click on “Recover”.

Step 6: Choose a path on your computer’s hard drive instead of this Seagate hard drive to save your recovered files.

Step 7: Click on “OK” to complete file recovery.

With the help of Seagate Hard Drive Recovery, you can fully enjoy your digital life. By the way, backup your data on more than one storage devices is the best solution to avoid data loss.

Note: If your Seagate portable hard drive can’t be read/detected, follow the directions to make it show up as a drive letter in “My Computer”.

Turn your PC off without the Seagate portable hard drive being plugged in. Plug it in a USB port, power up. Your operating system boots up and finds the drive and informs windows what hardware is installed. When windows finishes starting up you should be able to see the drive in “My Computer” (Like Drive E:/).

  1. Spašavanje Podataka

    Seems like good piece of software.
    I had issue when my Seagate drive fall down on the floor during the work. There was a scratchy noise comming from it after. This was the sound od death from my hdd. When i opened it i saw major damage on the platters 😥

  2. Can i recover data from my hard drive that has it’s media damaged?
    I have a lot of important files in that hard drive, although i have bought a new hard drive i need to recover data from the older one which crashed. I am willing to spend money as those files are really important, however, i would like to know if this software works for my hard driver, also is there even a chance of data recovery from a hard drive that has it’s media damaged?

    • Yep, only if your hard drive can be detected by PC, you can recover your files off the drive with data recovery software.
      If it can’t be recognized by PC, you can try the trick in the bottom of this article. 😎

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