Top 3 Methods to Recover Corrupted Microsoft Word Files

Word Document is really an indispensable of today’s work, study and even entertainment. Have you ever imaged your important Word files have somehow been corrupted. You can’t open or view any contents of them. Nothing can be more painful than this. Below I list the top 3 methods for you to repair damages Word Documents.

Method 1: Convert Corrupted Word File to another Format

This is the easiest and most complete document recovery method; always try it first.

  • Save the file in RTF file format; this format preserves the formatting in your Microsoft Word for Windows document.
  • After you save the file in RTF format, re-open the document in Word for Windows, and convert it from RTF.

If this method succeeds, the file corruption is removed during conversion.

Method 2 Repair Word Files with Volume Shadow Copy

If you’re using Windows 7, the built-in shadow copy centre may have an older and uncorrupted version of your file.

  • Launch Explorer, right-click the folder that contained the document and select Properties.
  • If you see a Previous Versions tab then click that.
  • If all is well then you’ll see a list of entries for the folder, going back days, or maybe weeks.
  • Double-click one with a date when you know the document was readable, and try opening this older version.

Save it with a new name, and then repeat the process with later folder entries until you reach the point where the file became corrupted.


Method 3: Restore Word Files with Any Data Recovery Pro

If methods above didn’t work for you, you can use undelete tools like Any Data Recovery Pro to help you find old Office temporary files. After that, rename the TMP extension to match the real document format, and then try opening it to see what you’ve recovered.

  • Run the program after installing. Select file type and location to scan.
  • Click “Scan” button, the software will quickly scan the selected disk to find all your target files.
  • After scan, the program will list all your lost files by file type, folder structure and time. Preview and click “Recover” button to get them back.


These are the top 3 ways to recover corrupted Microsoft Word files. The best way to protect yourself against document corruption is to keep backup copies of your documents.

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