Top 6 Common iOS 8.1.2 Problems & How to Fix Them

Apple has released its brand new iOS 8.1.2 update for the iPhone to fix some unspecified bugs and a ringtones purchase problem. Since the release, we’ve been hearing about iOS 8.1.2 problems such as iOS 8.1.2 installation problems, photo loss after iOS 8.1.2 update. In this article, we list the top 6 common iOS 8.1.2 problems and how to fix them. Read on, please.


Top1: How to Fix iOS 8.1.2 Installation Problems

A few users complained that they failed to get the update installed after the download process begins. This is an issue that plagues just about every iOS update and there is an easy fix for this.

If the iPhone or iPad gets stuck or frozen during the iOS 8.1.1 installation, you can perform a hard reset by holding down the power button and home button at the same time for a few seconds until the device restarts. If it didn’t work, click here to see  Top 10 Ways You Must Know to Reboot a Frozen or Hung iPhone.


Top2: How to Fix iOS 8.1.2 Data Loss Problems

Some users have lost important data after iOS 8.1.2 update. Data loss is always painful but never mind, you can easily get them back either from your pervious iTunes or iCloud backup, or using a powerful iOS data recovery program to recover data directly from iOS device without any backup.


Top 3: How to Fix iOS 8.1.2 Battery Life Problems

We have seen lots of people complained about battery drains after updating to iOS 8.1.2. This problem isn’t only for iOS 8.1.2 since we always see complaints about abnormal drain or various other issues after Apple releases a new iOS update.

If you are suffering battery life problems, try tips below:

1, Find Apps easting up your battery life and limit your use of it when away from power, stop its background activity or remove it.

2, Limit background App refresh. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Turn it off for each app that is using too much power.

3, Stop using auto brightness.

4, Restart or reset your device.

For more details, click here to see 8 Tips to Improve iPhone/iPad/iPod’s Battery Life in iOS 8


Top 4: How to Fix iOS 8.1.2 Wi-Fi Issues

“I updated my 16 Gb 5s (AT&T) to 8.1.2 two days ago. Since the update, my wifi speeds have been consistently at about 1/3 of what they were prior to the update.” Wi-Fi problems have been ongoing for a number of years. It’s a problem that surfaces after every single iOS update.

There is no guaranteed fix for iOS 8.1.2 Wi-Fi issues but there are a few things you can try: Resetting the device’s networking settings, turning off Wi-Fi Networking, restarting your modem and/or router, installing the latest firmware for your router.


Top 5: How to Fix iOS 8.1.2 Cellular Data Issues

Some users complained that iOS 8.1.2 eats their Cellular data. To fix these, users should first try restarting the iPhone or iPad. This has worked for us in the past. If that simple fix doesn’t work, try toggling cellular data on and off. To do this, go to Cellular > Cellular Data > Toggle Off.  If none of these works, try flipping Airplane Mode on, waiting 30 seconds, and then flipping it off.


Top 6: How to Fix iOS 8.1.2 Bluetooth Problems

“After the update I am unable to make a call using the Bluetooth.” We are already seeing complaints about Bluetooth problems after the iOS 8.1.2 release. But sadly there is no cure all fix for iOS 8 Bluetooth problems cure all fix for iOS 8 Bluetooth problems. You can try to single out “Reset All Settings” as a solid fix. It hasn’t worked for everyone but there are a ton of people that are claiming worked.


That’s all for the iOS 8.1.2 issues discussed in this article. If you have other solutions to the issues above or have other iOS 8.1.2 problems, leave a comment please.

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