What to Do When iPad Doesn’t Turn On?

iPad is really a miracle for us to enjoy and relax. However, we sometimes may complain about some annoying problems, like we may encounter the problem that iPad doesn’t turn on. Is iPad dead? Don’t panic. Try the following instructions when your iPad doesn’t turn on.

Things You Can Do When iPad Doesn’t Turn On

Restart Your iPad
Hold “Home” button and “Sleep/Wake” button at the same time for a few minutes. In some cases, your iPad is still on but some bug may stop the screen from displaying anything. After rebooting the iPad, you will see the Apple logo appear on the iPad screen. Then your iPad is still on good condition and you can keep on using it.
However, this sometimes may not work no matter how hard and how long you hold these two buttons. What else you can do?

Check iPad Battery
If your iPad battery runs very far down, which means your iPad battery doesn’t have enough juice, the iPad won’t turn on, because it is using its remaining battery life to keep your data and settings in it. So you should check whether your iPad battery drains or not. There are two ways: using the adapter to plug your iPad into a wall outlet or plugging your iPad into your computer. And then you can see the iPad screen display this image.

alt: ipad not turning on

Note that if your iPad battery is very low on power, it would take a few minutes for this iPad screen to appear.
After a little while, you can try to turn on your iPad again. If this isn’t workable, it is possible that your adapter is faulty. Then you should try another adapter to see whether things change or not.
What if this won’t work? What else you can do?

Go to Apple Store for Help
If all the above solutions can’t make your iPad turn on as normal, then there may be a hardware failure. Go to any near local Apple store for help. The Apple Store employees are very professional and they can help to fix your problem.

When you meet such intractable problems with iPad, you may be very upset, because you don’t want to lose your data in your iPad. Here I’d like to friendly remind you that if you want to recover any data from iPad, in case they would be lost forever due to some unlucky situations like your iPad is broken, you can try iPad Data Recovery to help you.

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