Why Does My Computer Restart Randomly?

Random re-boots really drive people crazy, you may lose everything you’ve been working on easily all of a sudden. It’s one of the most annoying things a computer user can face. Be it computer restarting, “blue screen of death” or “black screen of death”, it can be very, very frustrating.

The problem is it may be caused by many problems, here’s what I do to nail down the problem.

1) See whether there is any loose connection to your system. The loose wire is a common reason for restarting computer.

2) Another cause for random reboots is that the computers processor is getting too hot. To check this, enter the computers bios during boot (usually by pressing Delete, F1 or F10 when the computer just starts) and there will be an option about the computers temperature (often under “PC Health”).

This should show you the current temperature of the computer and the emergency shutdown temperature. The emergency shutdown temperature is a safeguard for when your computer gets too hot it will shut itself down to prevent damage.

You can either raise the shutdown temperature or switch it off completely, however be warned that you may damage your computer if the computer gets too hot. If the temperature was causing the reboots then you should consider getting better cooling for the computer such as more powerful CPU fans and more case fans.

3) Have you done any change to your computer like installing new software or hardware, Depending on the software or hardware, my first reaction would be to look to the vendor for reported problems and possible updates. In particular, device drivers are the most likely to cause crashes and reboots without warning.
You should  make sure that your system is as up-to-date as possible, particularly including drivers for recently installed hardware.

4)Is there any unexpected shut down of your computer last time before it started restarting? If yes, it may be caused by corrupted OS. Tenorshare Data Recovery WinPE would do the trick to fix system corruption due to virus attack or other reasons, random windows crash, blue screen of death and black screen of death, etc.

These are most common reasons that may cause your PC to restart. Most of them are easy to fix. Remember, it’s not wise to open your system case if you don’t know about it. Turn to professionals.

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