Wizard Guide to Recover Windows 8.1 Files/Documents and More Free

As technology advances, our work and life is constantly changing, computers and mobile phones have become the majority of our people live and work necessities, like television and refrigerators. When we use the computer search and save important data, we may often lose important data. This is what might happen at any time one had to face. Imagine, if you unfortunately lost important files on Windows 8.1, how would you do? To cry for a while, then re-do it??

Top 10 common causes Win 8.1 data loss:

1. “Shift + Del” without backup
2. Delete pictures instead of saving by accidentally pressing a wrong button
3. Empty Recycle Bin without backup
4. Unexpectedly formatted hard drive
5. Factory setting of device without backup
6. Improper partition or partition error
7. Virus infection
8. Unexpected power off
9. Reinstalled windows system or hard disk crash
10. The partition structure on a hard disk was fragmented or partition table is

The professional Free Any Data Recovery tool that can recover Windows 8.1 lost, deleted or formatted files, including photos, videos, music, documents and up to 500 types of files.
How to use Free Any Data Recovery software?

Step 1: Select file types for recovery

Download Free Any Data Recovery on your win 8.1, then, select the types of files you are to restore and click “Next ”.

Tips: By default, all the files are selected. I am highly suggested that you check only the types of files you want to recover. For example, if you want to restore Windows 8.1 files /documents and more free, just check the files category and leave alone other categories.

the loss of data on win 8.1
Step 2: Select a location or hard disk drive to scan lost files

Choose a location and press Scan to scan lost files. The location could be the Desktop, My Document or one of your hard disk drives. In short, choose one you like best.

restore windows 8.1 files /documents and more free

Step 3: Preview and recover lost files

By default, the Free Any Data Recovery chooses Quick Scan with nearly 1 minute. Then, you can preview and recover Windows 8.1 files/documents and more.
Tips: If you still can’t find the files you want to recover, you can choose deep scan .This scanning will scan out more files .Of course it maybe need more time.

Free Any Data Recovery

If your computer is Mac, and you need to recover your data from Mac, you can know how to recover lost data on Mac?


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